These are the some of the most invaluable resources to me during my current and past fasts.  If you are fasting because you were sick or fat, then you need to debunk the nutritional "facts" that led you to that state and then learn a new way of life.  After all, what is the definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This list is dynamic and will continue grow. I hope it will help you as much as it has helped me!

  1. Toxic Relief  
    • A must before your fast!  It will explain what to expect physiologically before, during, and after a cleanse.  When crazy things happened during my fast, I knew what it was and that it was normal - and not to panic!  The last section is about the spirituality of fasting it with a Christian angle. If that's not your cup of tea, then simply don't read those chapters.
  2.  Cornell Food & Brand Lab
    • Highly recommended, scientifically peer-reviewed research. 
  3.  The China Study 
    • A must during your fast! 
  4. Sugar Blues 
  1. Supersize Me 
  2. Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead
    • Can be streamed on Netflix
  3. You are What You Eat (BBC/BBC America)
    • Gillian McKeith is trained in naturopathy and is a dietician.  In her show, she takes obese  people, shows them exactly what they've been eating (down to the raw ingredients - hot dogs anyone?), changes it to whole foods, and the results are astounding!  I don't think it's being filmed anymore, and it looks like you can join some "club" on her website.  Either way, it's a great show worth watching if you can catch an episode or two. 

      By the way, there was an unflatering picture that was recently going around of her on the internet making the claim that "If this is what you look like eating healthy, then I don't want anything to do with it."  She has scoliosis, and it was not caught in time when she was a child to correct it.  McKeith has talked about the pain she suffers caused by the scoliosis in several articles.  And despite all of this, she still pushes through it and is successfully helping others with their health.
  4. Food, Inc.
    • This documentary is to the point, which I highly recommend.  They do compare slaughter houses vs. natural farming.  If that bothers you, then only watch the section that talks about the FDA and the decision makers.  It will open your eyes!  
  5. Food Matters
    • Can be streamed on Netflix
  1. Glamour Magazine:  I tried it: A Pre-Wedding Juice Cleanse! (My Results Will Surprise You)
  2. Spa Magazine: Anatomy of a 7-Day Juice Fast
  3. Gwyneth Paltrow's Clean 3-Week Detox Diet 
    • According to some sources, she has been diagnosed with some early form of osteoporosis, and some experts have attributed this to her diet.  Please be cautious. 
  4. Fasting for Health and Weightloss  
    • This site is full of articles, blogs, and testimonials.  He does sell tonics on his site, so that always raises flags for me.  Just use your best judgement.
  5. Healthy Eating May Help ADHD Kids: US Study
  6. Freedomyou Fasting 
    • Ron Lagerquist's website and books really helped me for my first fast.  He provides practical guidance on the technical and spiritual aspects of long-term fasting.  The information is high-level and easy to understand for beginners.  He does have a Christian angle.
  7. The Face of a Binge Drinker 
    • Documentary maker Nicky Taylor gains 7 pounds (.5 stone) in 30 days from binge drinking.  I realize many of us don't binge drink, but I am sure that if we spread out over a year the amount she drank in those 30 days, we can gain just as much weight by the end of that year.
  8. Juicing for Health
    • This looks like a very credible article.  The author uses many articles from peer-review medical journals! I highly recommend you read this.
  9. Orthorexia: Obsessing Over Health Food
    1.  I guess ultimately life is about balance.  This is a good reminder to find that.
  10. Resolve to Be a Loser in 2012
  11. USA Today: Done properly, juicing can play role in healthy diet 

Fellow Blogs - Some Juicers and Some Weight Loss
  1. Redfizz on Cure Zone  
    • This is my blog for my first 40-day juice fast
  2. Brown Vegan 
  3. Diary of a Fat Mom
  4. Geek Fit Club
  5. Kneyrus
  6. Learn How to Fast
    • Highly recommended.  His blog is a lot like mine.  He's not out to sell anything.  He only wants to put the information into your hands.
  7. LessJess
  8. My Sumo Weight Loss Blog 
  9. The Official Power Juicer Blog
  10. Runs for Cookies
  11. Smaller Sarah 
  12. The Skinny Confidential
  13. Token Fat Girl
  14. Tom Coghill's 30-Day Juice Fast
  15. Weight Loss Success Stories 


  1. Love it! Thanks so much! I am writing a paper in nursing school on juicing a needed peer reviewed articles!

    1. So glad it helps! It's nice to see accredited research universities taking a serious look into fasting. Hopefully they will remain unbiased no matter who funds the research. *Fingers crossed*