Lessons Learned

I have had a lot of successes and made a lot of mistakes throughout my years of doing juice fasts.  Along the way, there were many surprises about the physical, metal, spiritual, and social changes that come with fasting that I wish I knew prior to my first one.

As my friend said, "I don't give advice. I simply tell people what worked for me."  That's how I am approaching this page.   Perhaps these lessons that worked for me can help others. 

Please remember that these are my personal experiences. I am sure that you will have your own unique experiences and I strongly encourage you to share them.

Please note that I am not a doctor and have not had any formal medical education; therefore, do not take this information as though it is from a medical or naturopathic doctor.  These are simply observations I have made about my body throughout the years.  Please consult a physician when considering a juice cleanse.

Bentonite/Psyllium Shakes

Beware of Eating Beef After a Long Fast!

Beware of Automatically Eating During a Fast

BMI Scale Benefits and Drawbacks

Body Odor Smells Like What We Ate! 

Breville Juicers 

Brittle Nails and Fasting

"But I Don't Like Fruits or Vegetables..."


Cheating Sabotaged My Past Fast

Cost of Juice Fasting

Cultural Food Lesson: Paris 

Epsom Salt Bath During a Fast

Exercising and Juice Fasting

Fasting and Hair Loss

Fearing Food After the Fast 

Juice Faster & the Family  

Lessons About Eating Habits While Fasting

Liver/Gallbladder Flushes

Migraines, Sodas, and Caffeine

Missing Menstrual Cycles

Observations About the Rate of Weight Loss During a Fast

Store-Bought Juices, Gerolsteiner, & Kombucha vs Fresh Juices 

Sugar Addiction and Fasting

Taboo: Let's Talk About BMs

They're Noticing Me! 

Tip: Beware of the Pear!!!

Tip: Buy Produce That Will Fit Through Your Juicer

Tip: Clean First, then Drink

Tip: Filtering Juices

Tip: Ginger and Lemon to the Rescue!

Tip: How to Break a Fast 

Tip: How to Get Through the First Few Days

Tip: Slicing Lemons for Juicing

Tip: Take Oranges Out of the Fridge the Night Before

To Gorge or Not to Gorge Before a Fast, That is the Question

Toxic Friends

True or False: Juicer fasters will gain all of the weight back after the fast

U.S. Vanity Sizing

What Was My First Meal After a Fast Like?

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