2012 Fast

I will begin my juice fast on Monday, March 5

Day 1: I cannot believe I let myself go to this extent

Day 2: I survived the first day...and it wasn't that bad

Day 3: Yesterday was tough, and yet here I am

Day 3b: Emotional roller coaster

Day 4: Starting off pretty well

Day 5: I looked HOW bad last week?

Day 6: I messed up yesterday but am still going strong

Day 7: Finally hitting my stride

Day 8: An emotional detox...

Day 9: Not much to report

Day 10: 1/4 of the way there!

Day 11: Just another day

Day 12: 10 pounds off & measurement update

Day 13: Darn, no more kombucha teas for me

Day 14: Yeah!  Two full weeks!

Day 15: A little tired, but that's my fault & odd menstrual cycle

Day 16: Almost quit yesterday from frustrations

Day 17: Massive detox last night

Day 18: Lessons on happiness

Day 19: Almost half way there!

Day 20: Hooray!!!! Halfway there!

Day 21: My libido is back & my "skin looks great"

Day 22: Weight is still creeping down

Day 23: It's Monday

Day 24: One day closer

Day 25: Lots of Candida Gone 

Day 26: Dresses fitting much better 

Day 27: My Belly is Vertical & I Am Actually Sleeping 

Day 28: Hooray! I Am Finally Back in the 140s!!! 

Day 29: Almost Another Full Pound Gone 

Day 30: I Can Think Clearly! 

Day 31: Tired and a Bit Drained 

Day 32: Introspection, Reality Checks, & No Menstrual Cycle 

Day 33: 20 Pounds Off & Measurement Update 

Day 34: Another Full Pound Gone 

Day 35: More introspection & menstrual cycle started

Day 36: Lessons Learned from this Juice Fast 

Day 37: Woke Up with a Panic Attack 

Day 38: Store-Bought Apple Cider vs. Fresh Juices Experience 

Day 39: Emotional About Life Coming Together 

Day 40: Final Day 

Summary: Post Fast Data and Lessons On How to Finish 

One Week After the Fast...Weight Loss and Libido 

6-Month Post-Fast Update (Before and After Pictures) 

~15 Months Since My Last Fast

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