Friday, September 7, 2012

6-Month Post-Fast Update (Before and After Pictures)

EDIT: Please read my Nearly 3 Years Later: 3 Broken Bones & 200+ Pounds - The Long-Term Effects of Juice Fasting update before considering juice fasting.  I hope that my experience will provide you with real-world information about long-term juicing.

Hi there!

It's been almost six months since I ended my last 40-day juice fast, so I figured I would stop by to let you all know how it's been going.

First, I started lifting weights - heavy weights.  I learned from reading New Rules of Lifting for Women that low weights/high reps doesn't work.  The more research I do, the more I learn that the only way to really burn fat on a consistent basis is to build muscle since it's the muscle that metabolizes the fat.  Sure there are many more variables and this is a blanket statement, but let me show you what has happened since ending the fast - especially since I have been promising you before and after pictures.

The first picture is of me in June of 2011. I think I was ~165-170lbs.

The second picture is one month or so after my fast.  I was ~145-150lbs.

The third picture is of me last month, mid-August 2012, which was about 5 months after the second picture was taken.  I was ~155lbs.  Yes, 10 pounds heavier!  But as you can see I am more toned and less squishy, though I wish those thighs would go away first.  

I have had some incredible (and hot) women take me under their wings and are guiding me through the weightlifting/ body building process.  No, I am not trying to bulk, but I am trying to build muscle, which leads to burning fat.  It also leads to bones that are more dense as well as a better heart not that there was anything wrong with my heart.  Also, I had to come to terms with the fact that getting the body that I really want will take a minimum of two years.  Yes, years.  It's like my friend's personal trainer told her when she asked how long it would take her to look like a Baywatch babe, "How long did it take you to get where you are now?"

One of the major things that I am learning is how to EAT.  It took a few weeks, but I am finally up to 2000 - 2200 calories a day with the right macros (30% protein, 30% fats, 40% carbs).  I recently purchased Schuler and Cosgrove's latest lifting book, The New Rules of Lifting for Abs.  Let me stop here and say it is not a book on how to get 6-pack abs.  Rather it is a book on the importance of strengthening your core while lifting.  This is super important for me since my physical therapist found that my leg injury was due to a weak core last year. 

The biggest success I have had is that I am no longer weighing myself daily.  With muscle weighing more than fat, it was really messing with my head.  Other benefits include being able to actually do push ups.  After my fast I could not do one.  I had no idea I was so weak.  Now, not only can I do them, but I can do them while my lower legs are on the swiss exercise ball.  And I just did 44 of those swiss ball push ups the other day! From 0 to 44.  Amazing.

Regarding hair loss, I had another round of it.  This is only the second time going through this process, but I suspect it is because this was the second 40-day fast that I did 100% correctly.  My hair just stopped falling out last week, and it was falling out for ~6 weeks.  It was not as horrible as the first time.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.

I have enjoyed receiving your feedback and insight.  For example, some have sent me new information about the kombucha teas that I didn't have while fasting.  Those posts were updated with the new information.  Thank you!

I am glad that I finished the fast, because once again it wiped the slate clean for me.  My head is clear and I feel great.  And now that I am lifting, I am stronger than ever.  


  1. I just found your blog after googling my very specific problem. I finished a 30 day juice fast in mid August, and lost a total of 32 pounds. in late September, I started working with a personal trainer, working out and lifting weights. I have regained my muscle and not my fat, but I also noticed about a month or so ago that my hair seems to be coming out. Every time I run my hand through my hair, a lot comes out. I am HORRIFIED. Will it end? Will it all come out? You seem to have had similar experiences, I'm hoping you can shed a little light on this for me, so that I don't pass out the next time I was my hair and find a muppet in the drain at the end of my shower. Thank you so much!

    1. I am SO sorry for the delay in my response. Yes, for me it stopped falling out, but my hair was pretty thin by the time it stopped. However, after about a month or so, I started seeing a halo of new hairs. Today my hair is thicker than it has ever been. Perhaps that gives you hope. Please let us know what happens. Also, be sure to check out the post all about my hair loss experience. A lot of people have commented on it with their personal experience.